Frequently-Asked Questions

Who developed the plan; Who approved it?
Yavapai College retained the SmithGroupJJR/Paulien to help facilitate the process. SmithGroupJJR/Paulien has worked with hundreds of other colleges and universities to help them develop their campus master plans. Over a period of eight months, we held a series of meetings to seek input from College employees, residents, and community leaders. The Campus Master Plan was approved by the District Governing Board at their December, 2013 meeting.

Who is responsible for implementing the plan?
The design and implementation of the Campus Mater Plan projects will be led by the College’s Facilities department, with budgets approved annually by the District Governing Board.

When will the plan be fully-implemented?
The plan covers activities through 2023 and full implementation could occur by then or possibly even later depending on items such as, changes in academic priorities and needs of the students and stake holders, available funding and economic trends.

How much will the plan cost and how will it be funded?
The total costs of design, construction, and FFE are $103.8M over a 10 year period. The College has already identified revenue sources for almost half of the projects and is working to develop alternatives for the remainder, including: grants, donations, partnerships, revenue bonds, and property taxes.

How often is the plan updated, and why?
Although Campus Master Plans are developed once roughly every 10 years, the plan will be evaluated annually as a function of the budget process, and adjustments will be made to accommodate changes in our community.

What about the last Master Plan – what is the status of it’s implementation?
The 2000 Master Plan was officially completed in August of 2012. A summary of the 2000 Campus Master Plan was presented to the District Governing Board and can be viewed here: 2000 YC Campus Master Plan Review/Summary.