Background & Details

About the Campus Master Plan:
The Campus Master Plan (sometimes called the “Master Plan”) refers to a structured self-examination that the College undergoes approximately every ten years to plan resource allocation and to address changes in student and community needs. Through formal discussions with internal and external stakeholders throughout the Yavapai College community and Yavapai County, the Master Plan effort has one underlying goal: to ensure that limited resources are utilized efficiently and to ensure that the College is agile enough to respond to changing trends, new technologies and best practices, and the changing dynamics of the community that we are proud to be a part of.

The objectives of this Campus Master Plan included five primary objectives:

  • Enhance the efficiency of the College (Shared Resources)
  • Strengthen ties between the business community and the College (Strategic Partnerships)
  • Prepare students for future careers (Education)
  • Serve the diverse population of Yavapai County and expand offerings across the county (Community & Culture)
  • Encourage development across the region (Economic Development)

People & Organizations Involved:
The Campus Master Plan effort involved many individuals and groups within and outside Yavapai College. Among those involved:

  • SmithGroupJJR/Paulien was contracted to help develop the new Campus Master Plan
  • Executive Committee (Dr. Penny Wills, Dr. Greg Gillespie, Dr. Clint Ewell, Mr. Steve Walker)
  • Campus Advisory Committee (Bostwick, Jim; Breiling, Roy; Bushman, Edmund; Burns, Patrick; Cappelli, Joe; Clifford, Brad; Garber, Sandra; Garvey, Dennis; Giannetto, Kara; Hernandez, Ernest; Hilton, Stacey; Hoskovec, Bob; Hughes, Tom; Hurley, Rose; Lange, Donald; Morgan, John; Perey, James; Westcott, Joni)
  • Faculty – Meetings were held with each academic division
  • Students – Open forums were held with students, and select students were part of the Campus Advisory Committee
  • Community – Open forums were held with community members

Next Steps:
Although the plan has been approved, the document and the process are “living” – changes can and will be made based on changing conditions and our evolved understanding of the needs of our community. The Master Plan will be implemented in a phased approach, consisting of the following next steps:

  • Phase 1 Implementation/Short Term (0-3 Years)
  • Phase 2 Implementation/Mid Term (4-7 Years)
  • Phase 3 Implementation/Long Term (8-10 Years)

Keep Up-to-Date:
We would like to encourage all members of the YC community to stay up-to-date on the status of the Master Plan effort. This website will serve as a gateway for information about current projects, completed efforts, and pending or upcoming projects related to the Master Plan. You can also subscribe to our Master Plan RSS feed to have the latest information visible at a glance in your favorite news program.

Share Feedback:
Over several months, the College and its Campus Master Plan partner, SmithGroupJJR/Paulien, met with members of the College community to share ideas, receive feedback, and draft recommendations. Although that process is now complete and the Master Plan is moving towards the implementation phase, we continue to appreciate community feedback related to the Master Plan – your questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions help to guide us in current and future plans and ensure that we keep with the “pulse” of the community. We welcome you to share your feedback or questions with us. If your feedback or questions are not directly related to the Master Plan effort, we ask that you visit the Yavapai College website to share feedback or ask questions with the relevant department or program area.